Graphic Design Illustration

Flying ship design (2011)


Flying ship design (2011)

Flying ship concept design illustration.

©All copyrights reserved by Violet Dahyun Kim.

BMW R1200RT 1:10 replica


 BMW R1200RT 1:10 replica (2013)

Photography work for

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Harley Davidson 1:12 replica


Harley Davidson 1:12 replica(2013)

Photography work for

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Audi R8 1:12 replica


Photography work for (2013)

Audi R8 1:12 Replica

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Doodle Illustration

Faces (2016)


Faces (2016)

pencil on paper.

Social Design

Collaboration with Burgtheater (2016)


C O L L A B O R A T I O N   W I T H   B U R G T H E A T E R

As an extension for the project,
collaboration with Burgtheater
we hosted a workshop with students of the
“Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium
Wien XXI Bertha von Suttner”.
The workshop was divided in two.
Each group included students across three different grades
and was provided a different topic.

To encourage student’s creativity, they took on the roles of
directors, producers and writers as well as actors…
By performing and directing themselves they were highly
motivated to make their shows successful and were also
building confidence, creative and artistic skills.


Students were working together in different groups,
discussing among themselves to create a story and
design the paper dolls for the peformance.

And they developed a play and performed it with paper dolls
which were made by individual students.



Theater performance

“Peace” was the topic for the theater performance.
Students created their own stories by discussing
and performing their ideas on the stage.

Organized by Ruth Mateus-Berr

Collaborated with  Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation, Die Angewandte, Burg theater

Allgemein Product Design Social Design

Bikea (2014)


BIKEA (Bicycle + Flea market)

Bicycle design for the merchants, and furthermore, for outdoor activities.
It’s hard and irksome to carry all the stuff from place to the other place.
Many of merchants  sometimes need to bring their own table or rent it to display and sell their products .

With the tables on both sides of bicycle, users can display their items and carry their stuff very easily especially with the hangers on the tables.

©All copyrights reserved by Violet Dahyun Kim

Illustration Social Design

Toilet Paper Project (2016)




T O I L E T P A P E R   P R O J E C T

Toilet Paper is not the typical paper roll
we commonly see in our toilets, Instead it is considered
as a media platform and contains various types of
thought provoking images and texts
which can spread sparkling ideas in the toilet.

Printed mostly on recycled paper
and with a multitude of various formats and sizes,
“Toilet paper” focuses on providing fresh ideas
to the public in a humorous and ironical way

Not how nice your skin will feel after using it.



Women took to the streets of the Polish capital, Warsaw,
in a pro-choice march which they called “Black Monday”.
There were also protests in Gdansk, Lodz, Wroclaw, Krakow
and elsewhere cross the majority Catholic nation.
Demonstrations were held in solidarity thorugh other
European cities, including Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf,
Belfast, London and Paris. *(source – BBC News)

The abortion ban which leads to the protest appressed
women’s rights and women’s freedom of choice.
In my opinion, this demonstration was very meaningful
as it highlights that in the 21st century we are still living
in a world, where women are not treated equally.

The coat hanger is the symbol of Polish Black Monday,
referencing the many women who have died
or been exposed to danger during self-induced abortion
by use of coat hangers. As many Catholic nations have prohibited
abortion, many women were and are forced to raise unwanted
children and suffer the dangers and risks of pregnancy.
To empower and support this revolution, I included this topic
in my toilet paper project.


celebrate diversitygender_paygap2

Since I began to study feminism and gender equality
it has greatly influenced my illustrations.
Feminism is one of my favourite social topics
and as it was already prominent in my illustrations
I decided to take it further: into a social design project.

First we design the toilet papers and print them out,
then we spread them in public lavatories.

As I’m interested in other feminism projects
from the social design program, some of my toilet papers are
directly related to the project of Cosima Terasse and Chi Trinh
titled “Soif Kaht Vong”. I used quotes featured in their
project and added my illustrations to them.


Floating Rice

Of shape silk-white and round;
I spin, through stream and ground,
Maimed by hands who mold me through,
but my red heart still beats true.




SOIF Kaht Vong is Cosima and Chi’s project.
It is dedicated to feminism and womens rights,
Specifically for Vietnamese women.
The poem which they’ve used for their project descrpition
had a profound impact on me thus I’ve used the poem and expanded
upon their uniform design for my Toilet Paper illustration work.


<Stop Gendering Products>

I’ve found the products we use almost everyday
are also designated “gender” although it’s not necessary
to distinguish them by gender.
Furthermore there are not simply two different genders.
I wanted show through my illustration how ridiculous it is,
especially concerning deodorants and razors.
Given the function and goal of these products are the same
but why do we still need to distingush them by gender
through colour and shape?
This question is also applicable for many other products
– clothes, accessories, and so on.