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“Heldinnen & Helden” (Shadow play) – Cooperate with Kinderunikunst 2017 Summer Programme


“Heldinnen & Helden” (Shadow play) – Cooperate with Kinderunikunst 2017 Summer Programme

By cooperating with Kinderunikunst, we three ( Violet Dahyun Kim, Que Chi Trinh, Michel Gölz) conducted an workshop with children. As the title showed, this workshop was for the shadow play.  The shadow play was performed and created by the children who were attending this workshop. They were divided into 3 different groups to build their own story and make the stage, paper dolls and the rest of decorations for the shadow play.





The 1st day, children performed the shadow play with the paper dolls and decorations which were designed and made by themselves. Their story for the shadow play was built by one child in each group who took the role as a theater author. So they divided their tasks themselves and kept their roles. It was really interesting to see how do they discuss and seperate their jobs.




The 2nd day, we asked them to use their body to perform shadow play. And we invited their parents to show the shadow play which prepared by their kids. They discussed themselves how to develope the stories and body movement for the shadow play and they practice with the lights enthusiastically.

When their parents arrived, they performed their own shadow play. Even some groups were very eager to show the 1st day’s shadow play after they performed body shadow play.

Supported by Kinderuni Kunst Wien, Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation, Die Angewandtde