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Sekisui Europe Website Design

Sekisui Europe Website Redesign (2020)

Role : UX/UI Design

Supervised by : Ron Flehmer

Worked with :

Online Editor : Svenja Volk

Project Manager : Daniel Hense

Front/Backend Developer : Martin Hawlisch, Dominique Goux

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Journal Social Design

Feminism Podcast “PadPadPadPad” (2017~)


Feminism Podcast “PadPadPadPad” (2017~ ongoing project)

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In order to create discussions about feminism (especially for Korean society), this podcast has been planned by us, me Violet Dahyun and Kyeonglim Jang, who are studying for the master degree at the Univeristy of Applied Arts Vienna. Since South Korea is a very conservative and discriminative country, there are variety of issues which are relevant to feminism topic.  Although South Korea is regared as a developed country, some social issues are neglected there without being solved or discussed. This podcast project is therefore pointing out these unsolved problems due to offer opportunities not only to reflect ourselves but also to open up the conversation about them.  Since it is planned for Korean society, all the episodes we proceeded were spoken in Korean, however we’re planning to translate all episodes in English soon.

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Each episodes has different subjects, includes postcolonialism and racism topics.

  1. What makes women to become honarary males (POC to honorary whites)

2.  Why social minorities – or those who are not of power- constantly and frequently metaphorized as food

3. The start of hell-chosun (Confuscianism Special)

4.  Price of Women

5. Unlevel playing ground

6. <Border> Special Edition

7. Misogyny – became Hate Crime.

8. Transborderers, identity politics

9. When the state is a pimp

Podpodpodpod is basically an onomatopoeic word in Korean which describes the sound of grinding crops by means of mortar, but this word is oftenly used as a slang, together with brain, thus it means eventually “Your brain has been grinded”. We choose this title to address the people who keeps vanquishing women’s voices from the society.

@All copyrights reserved by Violet Dahyun Kim and Kyeonglim Jang
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Bikea (2014)


BIKEA (Bicycle + Flea market)

Bicycle design for the merchants, and furthermore, for outdoor activities.
It’s hard and irksome to carry all the stuff from place to the other place.
Many of merchants  sometimes need to bring their own table or rent it to display and sell their products .

With the tables on both sides of bicycle, users can display their items and carry their stuff very easily especially with the hangers on the tables.

©All copyrights reserved by Violet Dahyun Kim