UX/UI Design

Websit Design Proposal for SEW Eurodrive (2019)


Website Design Proposal for SEW Eurodrive(2019)


click the image to open in full size


Agency : Wob AG

Year : 2019

Role : Web design


Content : Alexander Wiercinsky


Design with / Supervised by :

Ron Flehmer (Senior Art Director)


(c) All copyrights reserved by Wob AG


By vviolog

My main area on focus is UX/UI design and Illustration. I have been working as a freelance Illustrator, Designer and I am currently working as a Digital Junior Art Director at BBN/Wob AG.

Previous to this, I completed my Master's degree at University of Applied Arts Vienna in Social Design and Bachelor's degree at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in Industrial Design with a minor in Communication Design.

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